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What they say about our products

"Lovink posts' strength and durability are why I keep buying them. Their low weight means I can just throw the posts in the Jeep and head off to site rather than having to having to organise a lorry and a digger. Getting the products when I need them is also important to me and S W Carty is able to supply the posts as and when required. The marker posts over the years have proven to be great quality and I would recommend them without hesitation."

- Dermot O'Donovan, Cork County Council

"We have installed 105 Elster Q4000 water meters ranging in size from 50mm to 200mm on the Limerick non-domestic metering project. We have found them exceptionally easy to install, one of the greatest advantages being low weight, which is partucularly noticeable when installing 150mm and 200mm meters. It has also benefitted the client in a major way with increased accuracy which benefits both water conservation and revenue. Another great advantage is that the meter is fully operational as soon as it is installed - there are no return visits required for commissioning the meter.

- Ciaran McCague, Coffey Group

"I purchased the EziDetect Cat and Genny. I need to have 100% confidence in this product and I can because of the self check function which it incorporates. It does a complete self check when you turn it on so that you can be sure it's working properly. The service and training also stand out for me as I attended a training seminar organised by Cable Detection and S W Carty here in Ireland."

- Dermot O'Donovan, Cork County Council