Automatic Meter Reading

S.W. Carty have joined with the leaders in metering, Elster, to bring you Intelligent Metering.

AMR (Automatic Meter Reading) is the most advanced form of metering to date and enables users to improve revenue, reduce operating costs AND enhance customer service! It eliminates the old way of manual meter reading which is time consuming and can be very costly.

Automatic Meter Reading overview

How it works

With our new exciting range of Elster Hybrid meters there is no need to attach radio modules and pulse units etc. The meter simply transmits the meter information reading to a hand held unit or fixed line system.

This system allows the user to detect anomalies i.e. leaks and vandalism. All the user has to do is work their route as normal and when a meter comes into range, the data that has been collected will automatically upload onto their hand held unit.

You can then transfer all of the information you collected to your office.

Itís as simple as that!!

We offer a complete range of AMR equipment that will suit ALL of your Meter Reading needs. Our system offers greater customer satisfaction, with more accuracy and peace of mind. Health and Safety risks are reduced as the meters are no longer read manually. Customer safety and privacy are also improved!

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