AVK valve

We supply valves from a number of manufacturers and offer many types of valve such as:

  • Sluice valves from 50mm to 300mm, clockwise or anticlockwise closing
  • Sandwich valves
  • Check valves
  • Pressure reducing valves from 15mm to 250mm, diaphragm or pilot operated
  • Ball float valves from 15mm to 150mm
  • Air valves, single or double orifice

For valves are operated by a square headed key we now offer the revolutionary Unikey. With an ingenious 'one size fits all' head design, Unikey means operators need never be in a situation where they haven't got exactly the right key - even if the valve head is missing or damaged. Download the Unikey brochure for a full description of how it works.

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